Valerie Hunt, a prominent academic scientific investigator at UCLA, conducted research using sophisticated sensors to record her subjects’ biofeedback data while psychic healers described their aura in detail.

She discovered that bio-data frequencies and configurations were revealing aura colors.

This aura and energy technology utilizes these methods that are interlinked with biofeedback data graphs that can measure a person’s aura and their energetic predisposition. 

We conducted our own experiments with the aura machine, biofeedback aura imaging and aura photography while channeling the Celestial 9. Usually the aura does not change constantly in normal human beings, however when Matias channels the Celestial 9 it is demonstrated that They can manipulate the aura and chakra’s energy and color intensity.

Also during the healing sessions of Quantum Transmission and the meditations from the Celestial 9, the aura and chakras also changed. The chakras expanded and became white light. The aura changed between blue, pink, white, yellow and green; colors of healing, protection and spiritual evolution.

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