A system designed to awaken intuition and inner knowledge. This is valuable for those who suffer from confusion or difficulty trusting or making decisions on their own. (4hrs)

Whenever you are unsure about something or someone and you are in need of a divine insight, you may connect directly to The Source, to find the answer.


  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Relax and breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Empty your mind.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize a gigantic crystal cone, with the small end inserted in your right ear and the large end facing out towards the Cosmos, connected to source of all light.
  • Calmly ask your question and wait for clarity. You will know that your question is answered if you hear a clear YES or No, and you feel peace in your heart and mind.



  • You may do this same process with your eyes by visualizing a gigantic pair of crystal trumpet like binoculars located over your eyes. These cosmic channels of mystic vision are connected to the source of all light.
  • Ask the question and receive the answer in the form of a feeling that is confirmed with calm energy in the heart.
  • Realize that in the beginning, the mind will try to scramble the information, and this is felt as a contraction or fear in the heart. This indicts that more practice is needed until the answer is clear and concise and you feel peace.


This is an amazing meditation which makes us aware of our contractions and our expansive nature simultaneously. Helping us to identify any negative energies or energetic knots within the physical body that keep us from connecting to our true elevated nature and from flowing in harmony with “what is”. This process assists us to connect with our expanded nature and let love flow freely. (5hrs)


Use this technique to help you with uncomfortable contractions or sensations produced by emotions and repetitive thoughts.

  • Sit in a comfortable position, with your spine strait and your eyes closed.
  • Relax and begin to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Scan the front of your body to locate the uncomfortable contractions in the physical body that are produced by these emotions or thoughts.
  • Find the center of the contraction.
  • Identify where it is located in the body. Place 100 % of your attention here in the form of a black sphere.
  • Begin to feel yourself behind this contraction as you observe it. This gives a broader perspective.
  • Now, shifting your observation place 90 % of your attention on this black sphere and 10 % of your attention on your shoulder blades on your back.
  • Expanding your energy from your shoulder blades feel as if you are touching the sides of the room, the floor and ceiling.
  • Simultaneously keep your attention on the contracted sphere located on the front side of your body and the feeling of expansion on the backside of your body. As if you have a pair of energetic wings, that grow as you gain perspective.
  • Understand that you are simply observing the contacted sphere and accepting it, as you plug in to your true self which is ever expansive and flowing.
  • Slowly, place 80 % of your attention on this black sphere and 20 % of your attention on your shoulder blades, expanding your energy beyond the room.
  • Gradually, place 70 % of your attention on this black sphere and 30 % of your attention on your shoulder blades, expanding beyond the neighborhood.
  • Progressively, place 60 % of your attention on this black sphere and 40 % of your attention on your shoulder blades, expanding beyond the city.
  • Continuing like this until you move beyond your country, the world and even the entire cosmos, by shifting your attention and placing 99 % on this expansion and only 1 % on the black sphere of contracted energy that is now a tiny grain of sand. Understand that you are not erasing the contraction, it is there, however it is so insignificant now that it will disappear, especially since it has no fuel or energy being given to it, so it will evaporate.
  • Stay in the expansive state for some time and enjoy your true nature. Eventually letting go of the contraction, freeing yourself to be the expansion that you are.


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