Channeling Session Under the Microscope

Matias his aura is essentially Yalow with strikes of oranges.

As he begins to channel you can observe a white light descending and opening his aura from above.

As the process continues the light reaches even further and touches his head producing some shivering sensation in Matias his body.

His aura becomes green since the entity entering is Raphaiel a Seraphim with green healing energy, known also as the divine physician

Matias exists his body and you can see the orange outside the auric field mooing above his head

Slowly all orange stays above and behind his head.

Matias here explains that is like being in a even illuminated crystal cave, from here he can observe everything and remember most of what is happening without interrupting or adulterating the message of the Seraphim .

According to the Seraphim this is the best way of Channelling since there is no a complete possession of the body but a willingly sheering.

In a complete possession the medium does not remember anything, and he or she becomes cold and ex ousted after his or her session, however wile channelling Seraphim the channeler becomes hot, remembers everything like a dream and feels very energised.

Matias here is astral travelling close to his body

Axiel enters Matias his body

Uriell takes over so he can share his message of love.

Uriel is IN and he is ready to share.


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