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This morning while looking into the sun I had an open eye dream .
There was an angel of light standing on a disc that moved in many directions. He looked in to my eyes with a penetrating, glance and told me that the predictions the Celestial 9 foretold 4 years ago can be mitigated.
When we talk about predictions, the Celestial 9 stress the fact that there is no real destiny and that we can change the future, our karma and therefore the future of the world and human kind with our thoughts and actions.
They say that in the Akashic realm, exist 3 strong probabilities that can be seen. That is why psychics many times are mistaken with their predictions, since they choose or can only see one of the probabilities. Even if they see the strongest possible outcome, it is also bound to change if the world changes, especially human consciousness.
They said that 2020, 2021, 2022 are the difficult years.

The most worrisome probabilities described under, are exposed so we together can counter them:

1-Climate Change caused by greed.
This must be countered with generosity to all and peace of mind.

2-War or the big war.
This must be countered with LOVE and PEACE, beginning with our own Family and Friends

Well the virus is here, it will leave as fast as it came, and come back in 9 years.
This must be counter with fearlessness and courage.

4- Economic turmoil,

The dollar will lose power, the federal reserve could be absorbed by the government, trade will be done with a different coin. This is most likely imminent.

5-The Queen of England

She scheduled to pass away naturally, and because of Brexit, the Britannic empire probably will divide.
This must be countered with security, faith and equanimity of mind.

6-The president of Russia

Could suffer an attempt of murder, but it will be adverted, and Russia will help North Korea in a revolution, the dictator will be overthrown.
This is to be helped with the feeling of total freedom and openness.

7-The president of USA

May get a strange disease, this can change him in a good way, good omen.

8- Many more volcanoes will become active.
This is countered with love and gratitude to mother earth.

9- Earthquakes all over and probably the big one hits California.
This is countered by saying no to greediness and with love and gratitude to mother earth.

10- Solar flares

This could cause electricity to fail for several days.
This is countered with peace of mind and external peace.

11- Riots

This can be countered with understanding.

12- Millionaires will understand

That earth can not survive if there is not more equality, they will begin to share and voluntarily ask to be tax more than the rest.  

13- Alien contact

Will be more common and accepted.

All this will create a positive global change. In the aftermath, there will be a mini golden era embracing the world with peace and prosperity for all.

Q- And what else can we do to counter this seemingly negative transition?

It is very simple:

Counter anger with PEACE

Sadness with Gratitude

Fear with LOVE

Greediness with GENEROSITY

Arrogance with HUMILITY

Insincerity with SINCERITY

All the ism’s (racism, nationalism, sexism, classicism…) should be obliterated in our minds and hearts.

Be vigilant whenever they arise in daily life.

Do not hurt yourself or anyone else, with thoughts, words or deeds.

If we do this together mother earth and the whole universe will empower us and embrace us.

You are all one, understand this fact.

Do not be afraid and never have, not even for a second a self-defatting thought. You are very powerful, you are the creator and the destroyer, you can do this.


This beautiful transformation is up to us, every one of us. Let’s do this together and awaken within the Love-Light frequency of our New Earth experience.

There was also a download about the POPE
but the trans-like state stopped and I could not continue. I believe something could happen to the current Pope and a bad Pope takes over and ruins once and for all this huge patriarchal religion.
But the transmission was not completely clear.


It seems that patriarchy is on the way out, or at list I hope so.

We need balanced maternal unconditional love to take over again.

Peace be with you

Matias Flury


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