Kirlian Photos of the implanting of The Seeds of Light and Quantum Transmission level 1 treatment
The Celestial 9 transmitting the Quantum Transmissions treatments and planting the Seeds of Light through Vaishnavi Chelsea to Gabriela Campos June 2nd, 2017 Heredia Costa Rica
Photo 1- This is the Recipients normal state of being before any treatment begins. She has orange on one side and pink on the other side. Her Chakras are all visible and normal in appearance.

Photo 2- (Blue 3) Vaishnavi begins the session by invoking The Celestial 9 and enters the energetic field of the Recipient. Here you can see the presence of Yoriel (Uriel) represented by the sudden appearance of the color blue. It is apparent that the energy field has changed and that the frequency in the aura has been altered, looking at the blue side where Vaishnavi is standing next to the Recipient, there is visual evidence of that in the explosive lines and change in the size of the chakras, also the dramatic color change in the Aura on the now blue side.

Photo 3-4 (Blue 4,5) As the Quantum Transmissions treatment continues, the blue side begins to get a bit lighter and the chakras begin to expand.

Photo 5- (Blue 6) The energy of The Celestial 9 realigns the rising of the kundalini energy into the curved undulating motion, crisscrossing around each chakra nourishing and stabilizing each center. The 3rd eye is expanding and growing which indicates the activation of the Pineal gland.Photo’s 6-7 (Chakra y Corazon 2) Vaishnavi is transmitting over the 2nd chakra here, where the 9 are empowering this chakra through her body to the Recipient. The heart Chakra explodes with white light and the original colors of the aura return which indicate that the transmission is being received and integrated by the Recipient.

Photo 8- (Chakra 2) Now that the Recipient has fully integrating the treatment, the chakras begin to change color and expand. The colors of the lower chakras change to shades of very light pastels signaling purification. The shape becomes more fluid and irregular signifying expulsion and clearing of any unwanted information that may be stagnated in these energy centers. This will give a sense of heightened energy, motivation and inspiration to move forward on the path and for a better understanding of one’s Personal Mission.

Photo 9- (Corazon 2) The chakras are all very even in size and dimension. There is an extension of visible energy around each chakra which shows that each chakra is opening and ready for the next step of the treatment, which is the transmission and empowerment to fully activate the entire chakra system.

Photo 10- (Empowering all Chakras) Here, enters Rafaiel with an electric purifying green color. He is actively empowering the chakras.

Photo 11- (Empowering all) You can see by the expanded circumference and energy circles around the chakras that Rafaiel continues to activate them. He is giving a concentrated empowerment to the crown chakra where you see the green light expanding there.

Photo 12- (green 1) The electric purifying green begins to change into an emerald green, a more soothing and healing tone. The extensions of energy rays are very noticeable on the green side, this is the side where Vaishnavi is standing and transmitting the energy of The Celestial 9.

Photo 13- (Healing blue) The green is now blue, indicating that Yoriel is present as well as Rafaiel.

(Implanting 1) The Seeds of Light are now being implanted. The aura changes to a pure white, signifying the presence of Adonai. The chakras change shape and color as Vaishnavi sings the name of ADONAI and implants the seed of light in the navel chakra.

Photo 16- (Implanting 2) The chakras are disappearing and expanding into the newly implanted Seeds of Light from The Celestial 9. Both sides of the aura are filled with expansive rays of energy. The 3rd eye is glowing yellow, showing us the presence of Adritmiel, who is activating the pineal gland for inner vision.

Photo 17- (Implanting 3) The 3rd eye is glowing green. Rafaiel is focusing on that center in preparation for the planting of the 3rd seed of light. The white and pink are the colors of Adonai & Anabell. Anabell is present and actively planting the seeds through Vashnavi’s body to the Recipient.

Photo 18-19 (Implanting 4 & 5) The Seeds of Light have been implanted in the 3 centers. The Navel, Heart and 3rd Eye. The 3rd Eye is expanding with the help of Adritmiel represented by the yellow color. The energy of Anabell is so purifying and powerful that the other chakras disappear, leaving a cloudy presence instead of a uniform circular shape and distinct color. This is an amazing sign that the treatment and the Seeds of Light are being integrated and fully accepted in the Astral body of the Recipient.

Photo 20- (Tan Tien) Now that The Seeds of Light are completely integrated in the energy field you can see a radical change in the aura and the chakras. Anabell retreats and Rafaiel enters with the green color so that the Recipient is able to assimilate the energy of the newly planted powerful and blessed Seeds of Light.

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