About us

In 2009 we had an encounter with The Infinite. This encounter evolved into direct communication with Celestial beings who are a direct extension to The Source. After 30 years of introspection and spiritual seeking a miracle happened to us, it took place in a very sacred site in Mt. Shasta California. Here at this portal, we made contact with these pure powerful beings of light that call themselves The Celestial 9.

These Devas of Crystalline Light have come through the channel known as Matias Flury. The first transmissions were received by Matias in the means of writing, and thus formed the incredible book called Downloads From The 9. Matias has free will and is always asked by the Devas if they may enter his body, he can also decline if he likes. It is not a possession, he is actually lending his dimensional body to the Celestial 9 as a tool so that they may enter this dimension from the 9th dimension with clarity and grace. Matias is able to do this due to his over 30 years of intense sadhana and discipline. He is able to keep his mind clear of thoughts so that the Devas may share their messages without any input of his own. It is a pure, clear line of communication.

Since the moment of the first written downloads, the Devas have continued to transmit clear messages of love as well as many tools for awakening by utilizing Matias’s body and voice to communicate directly to me. I have had the immense honor of receiving these messages and I have recorded and written almost all of the interactions from the last 8 years. Many miraculous teachings have been shared with us and we are now able to share them with you.

The Celestial 9 come with the purpose of helping humanity to awaken from the dream, to evolve spiritually and to ascend. They tell us that there are many other planets and species sending love while they are anxiously waiting for the humans on earth to evolve so that they too may evolve. We are all one, all interconnected! The Celestial 9 do not come alone, there are many other Light Beings helping them to help us.



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