Seraphim healing lives

My name is Lili and I was born with Estrogen dominance, endometriosis in NIK4 with hematic propagation along with advanced Osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia. I was dependent on Morphine and Fentanyl due to the terrorizing pain that I lived with for over 20 years. I had little hope when I met Matias & Vaishnavi who in my opinion are beings of Light and direct messengers of beings who emit resplendence. I had little faith since I had already tried every type of allopathic and alternative methods of curing without any positive outcome. Finally, thanks to my friend’s insistence I decided to go and I surrendered to grace and to the Seraphim and I took the course Quantum Transmissions level 1, and I had amazing results, I was fully recovered in 2 months. The pain left and each day I feel better and I do not need any more Morphine or other pain killers. It has been wonderful to live without pain. It has been a long time since I have felt so much peace and clarity to begin each day. The blessing of being able to walk without pain has changed my life. I have found myself doing things that make me very happy and I am grateful for the healings and the implants of The Seeds of Light that Vaishnavi Flury offered to me. I have been given a second chance and my health is getting better each day and I have found new clarity and strength so that I may continue my work of helping indigenous communities. I am very grateful with the treatments and the workshop Quantum Transmission that Matias and Vaishnavi present, also for the sharing of such valuable information for my spiritual growth, my understanding and accepting of these blessings in my life have opened me up to my true Self, it is like a direct call from God’s loving heart which has helped me find my center and to recognize what I really am, and to see my true potential: a happy, healthy woman with her whole life ahead of her.
Then Matias began to channel, it immediately began to rain with thunder and lightning, and even a transformer nearby exploded! I was naturally afraid and anxious of this powerful energy that filled the room. I decided that the best thing to do was to stay still, go inward and meditate in order to raise my vibration so that I could get the most benefit from this experience. I began to wonder what I should say or ask of Rafael, I finally decided to go for it and ask for Samadhi (enlightenment). When my turn came up I went and sat in front of Rafael and the desire to ask my question vanished, I no longer needed to know anything. I just looked into those eyes and I could not stop myself from giggling, I realized that “it” (Samadhi, my questions, desires…) was all a completely absurd joke and laughing was the only thing I could do. Just then he leaned over to my ear and whispered “Adonai, Adonia, Adonai”, I smiled and he said “This is Samadhi, thoughts come and go however the present remains. Stay in the present my child, stay in this Samadhi.” He responded to the question I never asked! Then he said “the one who wants it so badly will never attain it” he added “so much effort will never give you what you are looking for.” He sat back and said “Desire fulfilled?” smiling we gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment. I was able to see that my mind had reached a state of unfathomable clarity. I was there in the present moment without any thoughts. I left the room and went downstairs and walked barefoot in the rain puddles as I remembered the words of the Buddha who taught impermanence, and I knew that my ‘Samadhi” would end and that the thoughts would return again one day. I remained in peace and I will never forget that experience.
                                                                               Armando Chavarria Brenes                                                                                                               
Before meeting the Seraphim, I was living with a serious problem and an acute pain in my heart that was coming from emotional trauma and childhood bullying. During the channeling the Seraphim Rafael inhaled deeply from his mouth right over my heart. The physical pain disappeared that day forever along with the emotional pain and complexes. Today, I feel empowered and in peace.
                                                                                                                           Janina  Barrientos Ching                                                                                                                            


I was pregnant and lost my child in a miscarriage, this loss produced a profound pain in my heart and I was unable to interact in the world. I met with Matias and he channeled the Seraphim Mikhaiel. He came to me and inhaled deep from his mouth right over my navel area, about 3 cm away, without touching me. All of a sudden and by some magical energy the emotional pain disappeared completely. I am still astonished since it seemed as if I would never be free from such sorrow.
Tamara ca                                                                                 
My experience with the Seraphim has been very powerful. Since I have had deeper contact with these beings of light, I have felt that my spiritual development has accelerated immensely. In my direct experiences with The 9, I have felt such a strong and pure angelic energy that I was brought to tears. They have answered many questions that I have only asked mentally as if they know me and understand what I need. I have felt their love and compassion bringing me calmness and clarity in moments and situations where I have had to face things inside of myself that needed to be cleansed, healed and cleared out. In receiving and giving the treatments that The 9 share with us in these workshops called Quantum Transmission, I have felt such amazing energy being transmitted and a sense of profound love. I feel that all this work has brought me protection, self-awareness, and better clarity to observe and recognize the negative patterns in myself so that I no longer give them power, but recognize them and stop them immediately so I can continue to be connected to the light and purity that is in me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Gabriela Maineri     

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