What do we do?

 The Celestial 9 have downloaded so much vital information to us, and now we offer this information in diverse workshops and trainings which are designed to speed up spiritual evolution in these current times of intensity.

The techniques and practices are simple and short, yet very powerful.
The Quantum Transmissions trainings (which are a certification based training) are for healers and health practitioners who would like to help others to awaken.
We also give private and small group transmission sessions, which include the Quantum Transmission treatments and the planting of the Seeds of Light which further propel the practitioner and recipient into an amazing portal of light that will activate the dormant strands of DNA and RNA which will help to awaken humans on planet Earth at this very crucial moment in time.

For more information please click on the eye symbol within the circles below, or contact us. We offer 9 workshops in our home base of Costa Rica and abroad. If you have a group of people interested in attending these workshops let us know, we are also available to come to your town or country.

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