Light beings


All light beings work together and they are an extension of the source

First Group

Enlightened light beings of the present moment and sweet peace

1- Kelam Kaunaz = Seraphim (Archangels)

The great ones, beings of blazing splendor
They only interact with humans when they are in danger of extinction or if the human does a lot of austerities
These beings can create and materialize things with only one thought
They are the force behind success and victory
They do not know fear, anger, sadness
Our proximity to them greatly speeds up spiritual evolution and burns Negative Karma
If you help them with their mission on earth and follow their advice you will be immensely rewarded on the spiritual and material realms.
Wherever they are on earth they can purify a 25 mile radius
They are the most powerful beings in existence
They are not omnipresent but they can be in several places at once
The Celestial 9 is a group of Kelam Kaunaz designated to help the Earth during this time, not to be confused with the Counsel of Nine.
2- Kimil Itram = Cherub
They are spicy, powerful, and playful
They love dancing
They help the Kelam Mazad with impetuous power
They help illuminate the various shackles that enslave people
3- Ultik Kamitl = Regal beings

Second group

Light beings of loving kindness

1- Prilim Takmil = Musical beings or Gandharvas

They create hypnotic meditation music with their consciousness
They spontaneously play etheric bells to purify the surroundings
They can produce in meditators altered states of consciousness and Samadhi’s of peace with their music
They clean the causal body with their tunes

2- Ishtim = Rainbow beings

They work with colors to sooth and purify the astral body and subtle realms
They are small childlike and sweet
They appease the intraterrestrial beings

3- Trielim = light water beings

Uses energy that is similar to light but moves like water to purify sub atomic particles, which in turn AFFECT molecules such as the DNA strands
Also they produce wonderful scents that alter consciousness

Third Group

Light beings of protection

Interact with earth beings more than any other groups

1- Klathiamik Itil = Beings of sun power

They fight the children of the nebula here on earth to preserve balance and protect those that do not hurt others

2- Kaltak Iktar = Protectors warriors

Everyone is born with protector warriors; these are bound to be replaced as the human evolves or devolves they can also be taken away depending on the purity of the practitioner.

3- Magith Ilath = Water devas

Protectors of water
They are powerful enough to destroy human kind in order to save earth. They are being held back by the Kelam Mazad which believe human kind can evolve

Fourth group

Magical Beings from time immemorial

1. Marglam Tril = Intra terrestrials

There are several Marglam tril
Marglam Ahurltark – In spirit form
Reptilian energy like spirits dragons, snakes and so forth
Mammal like animal spirits with the capability of rezoning
Birds of energy
A mix of human and animal (Kachinas)
Marglam Tarkil – Material beings
Some follow the light and some the nebula
Lemurians (Pleadian descent, can hide also in the 5th dimension, they have many psychic powers)
Reptoids (Psychic and powerful, detrimental for human’s psyche)
Small beings around three feet tall (5 categories, can hide in the 5th dimension)

2- Irmilim Irtilk = Luminiferous Beings from Polaris star

Most likely to fall in to the nebula
They have a glow that is not coming from their heart, it is like the glow of the moon is not their own.
They guide humans some times, but they want payment and may enslave souls.

3-Kriat Mantilk = Orbs

They help nature, especially for the flowers to bloom
They also can be seen with as three to four-inch human like feminine creature
They enjoy good music however they hate people making mistakes when they play and sometimes they even get angry if music is out of tune however they leave and never hurt anyone.
They also come when people are laughing and have fun with them
Or when couples love each other


This is just a title given by humans to indicate a certain ranking.

There are many other beings that are not mentioned here, however the ones mentioned here, are the most evolved ones.

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