Photographic Mystical Anomalies

During the transmissions there was no presence of any kind of smoke from incenses, since there was a person with allergies in this program.
See the light coming out from the channeler’s back, it is even illuminating the chair
The windows are in the front of the room only

There is a strange light formation to the right of the channeler by the wooden doors.

The picture below was taken seconds before the apparition.

Here you can observe clearly the light entity.

Close up of the entity winch is covering the chimney.

Sabael Implanting the seed of light in the pineal gland.

This picture was taken seconds after the apparition in which the entity is no longer present.

This is a photograph taking during a video channelling session, here you can observe a very strong light formation.

This is a photograph taken a second after from the same angle while using a tripod. Here you can still see a fraction of the entity  in the lower right corner.

Sabael implanting the seed of light in the heart

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