Frequencies examples

Pineal Gland Blasting

1.45Hz Works on: • The Pituitary gland • Hypothalamus gland • Pineal gland • Boost brain synapsis • Promote axon growth and connections • Manufactures dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins--which produce happiness SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES • I can see all dimensions • My pineal gland is wide open and activated • My third eye is wide open • My third eye is vast • I have psychic powers, I can see all dimensions • I am in peace, I am peace, I am expansive peace • I know the truth, I am truth • I am a mystic • I am supernatural, I am fantastic • I know everything Om gate para gate parasam gate bodhi soha by Tibetan monks Our team in Costa Rica has researched for non-copyright music and mantras, to be used as a background for the healing frequencies. We found some of the names of the artists and we gave them credit. If by mistake we have used any copyright materials, please let us know and we can add your name to the credits or remove the music. The material we are sharing is 100% free, we just want to help the world through this hard transition. The subliminal messages are positive and reveled to you, so you know what is going in to your subconscious mind, we do not add anything extra. All frequencies have been channeled and chosen by the celestial 9 to gently uplift you and enlighten you. Have a good journey. Peace be with you.

ETERNAL JOY AND HAPINESS (Theta and beta waves)

4.5 HZ AND 22.029 This combo will increase the production of serotonin WE ARE WORKING ON • Decreasing stress • Increasing well being • Enhancing joy • Peace • Trust • Being in the present • It also fights insomnia SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE • I am happy, I am very happy • I am Joyful, I am joy • I am peace, I am calm • I am content, I am divine celestial light

PLEIADIAN ENLIGHTENMENT 126 and 132Hz (binaural beats)

 126 and 132Hz Helps with: • Deep states of contemplation • Mindfulness • Harmony • Transformation • Renovation of subconscious mind • Behavioral symmetry • Reasoning • Awaken the real Self • Diminish anxiety and ignite your spirit • Transcendence • Mind limitations • Mind expansion • Enlightenment • Truth • Profound peace • Eternal joy • Bliss • Unconditional love C9 PLEIADEAN ENLIGHTENMENT Subliminal messages: • I am pure consciousness • I am Eternal • I am expansive awareness • I am unconditional love • I am eternal peace • I am bliss, I am blissful • I am Adonai

HIGH SELF-ESTEEM FREQUENCIES 3Hz to 19Hz, 396Hz and 22.027Hz

3Hz to 19Hz, 396Hz and 22.027Hz Works on: • Dopamine secretion • Insomnia • Relaxing • Healing headaches • Obliterating feelings of fear • Exterminating doubts • Spiritual freedom • Endorphin secretion • Curing pains • Transcendence • Cleaning away the feelings of guilt • Erasing anxiety and unhappiness • Secreting serotonin • Clearing obstructions and obstacles when trying to achieve goals • Releasing stress • Feeling of unity and of being in harmony with the universe SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES • I am beautiful, I am famous. • I am great, I am powerful, I am gifted. • I am attractive, I am striking, I am outstanding. • I am magnetic, I am brilliant, I am charming. • I am intelligent, I am smart, I am compelling. • I am bright, I am luminous, I am captivating. • Everybody likes me, I am perfect. • Everybody loves me, my body is perfect, my face is perfect, my weight is perfect. • Everybody wants to hang out with me. • Life is beautiful. • I am perfect just the way I am.


Celestial 9 FOR SADNESS AND DEPRESSION 30Hz to 60Hz 0.31 Hz and 0.30Hz According to certain studies these frequencies when mixed with a good diet in most cases will in due course strip away the feelings of being unhappy, concerned, unfulfilled, anxious, abandoned, unworthy, guilt-ridden, short-tempered, and wounded. Gama frequency are associated with a high state of meditation, and enlightened masters, which are by the way very happy. These frequencies have an anxiolytic effect, which stimulates the release of beta endorphins. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES I am uplifted, I am happy. I am grateful, I am complete. I am acceptance. I am expansive light. I am liberated, I am bliss, I am happiness.

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