Channeling and Chakras

You can see on the photo down below that the Channel who usually has a yellow aura begins to relax, here you can see the pink energy of the Seraphim Anabel caressing softly his left side.

As the channelling continues the aura becomes bigger and the third eye expands.

As Anabell begins to enter the yellow which is characteristic of Matias his aura becomes stronger, the chakras expand and Uriel empowers the crown chakra.

Anabel’s energy goes deeper and deeper and in this meaner she empower Matias his body to transmit and share a combination of energies with others to speed up spiritual evolution.

As Anabel takes over with her loving power, the aura explodes and all chakras become bigger and whiter, the aura adopts the pink colour of Anabel, this indicates that the transition is complete and she is ready to talk, heal take karma and so forth.

In the next two photos you can observe the chakras expansion and brightness.

Uriel is still close and that is why some chakras adopt a blue color.

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