Crystalline Expansion/Breathing

This powerful and expansive practice when done correctly will support the spiritual evolution of the practitioner. We integrate the rhythm of the breath with key pressure points on the physical body, which activate and enliven what The Celestial 9 call the Asuntara or Kundalini. Once these points are activated in the physical body, the Astral and Causal bodies will be activated as well, connecting all three for a more profound spiritual awakening. The practitioner that has the great blessing of receiving the Seeds of Light implantes, will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, raising the vibrations in the three bodies. The cosmic portals will open to connections for divine energies to flow and grow, bringing the practitioner into the Love-Light frequency and ultimately escorting them into the gateway of true awakening and peace.

Awakening Asuntara- (Kundalini).
Opening the door of Power and Fire of the third brain.
Opening the channel of manifestation.
Awakening the power of manifestation inside the void.
Obliterating fear and anger with clear sapphire lightening.
Emerald love and compassion over fear and anger. Everything is possible.
Untying the roots of the tree of life. Empowering memory.
Opening the gate of speech and charisma with blue wind.
Dissolving personality into the eithers.
Opening the windows of the soul; clairvoyance.
Opening the second window to the soul; clairaudience.
Opening the portal of truth.
Awakening the 9 lower powers.
Opening the portals of freedom and awakening the 9 superior powers.
Uniting the opposites.
Opening the third eye. Mystic Vision.
Re-connecting to what is real, leaving the unreal behind.

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