Quantum/Transmission Training

Quantum Transmissions level 1
This workshop is only available after receiving the Seeds of Light.
Level 1 is a training that was given to us directly by Rafael from The Celestial 9 and it helps expedite the spiritual evolution of each person who participates and completes the training. In the training we work in pairs, a recipient and a “channeler of energies”. Both learning (giving) and receiving are done in the training. With ease and grace, we will share with you how to safely let your body act as a “portal of 9th dimensional energies” for The 9 as they cleanse the three bodies of the recipient, regenerate the nervous system and create a protection shield.

Quantum Transmissions level 2
The continuation of QT level1. All three treatments must be completed in order to carry on with level
In this training you will continue to act as a “channel” for the energies to flow through your body as The 9 implant suns and sacred symbols in the vortexes which enhance and strengthen the spiritual development of the recipient. There is also an amazing Diamond protection shield permanently put in place over the recipients’ body and to complete the treatment the activation of the DNA and RNA are regenerated for the return of the natural human state which is an unadulterated extension of Adonai.

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