Matias Flury – Channeler

Matias Flury was born in the Andes of Argentina, to intellectual parents who considered themselves atheists. He had a very magical childhood in this amazing and beautiful setting. He was raised by a Mapuche Indian who revealed to him many mysteries of life.
At age 6 he underwent a terrible shock when he and his parents were exiled from this great place. After this extreme trauma his life became very challenging.
He lived in many unwelcoming places and with little monetary means. This suffering drew him to a search for his spiritual connection with the Divine and for his purpose in life.
He began with martial arts and meditation. He learned discipline of mind and body. He studied many religions from the East.
Met Chelsea in 1990 in CR
Married in 1992
Lived in California for 12 years
He lived in India and had the privilege to meet many enlightened beings and sit in their presence.
He has been under the guidance of Ammachi for the last 25 years, she gave him direct instructions for his meditations and pranayama practice and many fasts of 40 and 54 days. His daily practice was sitting for 13 hours a day in meditation for many years.
Encinitas- While living in the yogic town of Encinitas California for 12 years, he was exposed to many alternative and progressive healing modalities and he studied the healing arts and yoga there. His thirst for enlightenment continued and his drive to achieve this special goal grew, even while working in the world and taking care of his family and obligations.
Costa Rica- During the last 13 years while residing in Costa Rica he has been teaching yoga and writing his books, 7 in total.
International workshops in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, India, UK, Holland, Portugal, Italy.
Apprenticeship- Matias has traveled the globe in search of spiritual truths from all traditions. He has had the honor of sitting with many enlightened masters. He has developed a true relationship or even apprenticeship with a few of these masters and they have helped to guide him along this intense and uncertain road called freedom.
His knowledge is vast and he teaches from his heart and personal experience.
He has a great sense of humor and he makes people feel welcome in his workshops and classes. He is pure of heart and honest. He is very well read and extremely intelligent.
He has knowledge of many subjects in the healing arts, energy healing, health, diet, meditations, scriptures, esoteric philosophies, phycology and mysticism to name a few.
Shasta- He had a mystical experience on a sacred site on top of Mt. Shasta California, where he was told that he was able to channel beings of light, and that these beings wanted to help humanity to awaken. He agreed to the offer, was guided and began his journey with these amazing beings of crystalline light.
Strong Body- Strong Nervous System-He is able to do this because his body and nervous system are very strong due to his years of intense austerities and because he is able to keep his mind free of thoughts.
Mind free of thoughts- This enables him to act as a pure channel for beings of high frequency. He is able to express these clear direct messages without any interference or his own interpretation.
Matias has always been a very tender and noble person. He is of the utmost integrity. He is kind and generous. He is clear with his energy and very loving. He is dedicated to help as many people as he can to awaken from this dream through the guidance and information from The Celestial 9.

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