Vaishnavi Chelsea Flury

Meditation Teacher/Seeds of Light Planter
Born and raised in California, the Heart of Spirituality in the U.S. Vaishnavi Chelsea was exposed to several cultures and alternative ways of life and began her ardent spiritual search at the age of 14 with Bhakti Yoga and diverse meditation teachers. This lead her in to a more profound state of mystical introspection and gave rise to the necessity to travel and encounter realized masters that could guide her in to the limitless realms of consciousness.
She met Matias in Costa Rica in 1990 and married him in 1992.
That same year 1992, she had the great blessing of meeting Amritanandamayi Ma. Recognizing Amma’s high state of exalted awareness, she jumped immediately at the opportunity and took initiation with utmost gratitude.
At the age of 24 she traveled with her husband Matias and her dearest friend Maitri, to live in India and absorb the blessings of the high masters that reside there. They took a retreat in the ashram of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar where they learned several pranayama and meditation techniques, from there they traveled to Amritapuri in Kerala where they took refuge under Amma’s guidance for several years. They continued traveling extensively throughout India and on numerous occasions met many great enlightened teachers. The wisdom of the sages was offered and absorbed in the form of meditation, chanting, Yoga Asana, Jana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and mindfulness/present moment awareness discipline.
Vaishnavi has studied many healing modalities including, Reiki, Bio-Magnetism, Bach Flower Remedies, E.F.T., Emotional Release through Breath Work, Sacred Tea Ceremony, Chanting, meditation, Environmental and Elemental Balancing with Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra.
She also worked at the Health and Longevity Clinic for 5 years as a holistic nutritionist and apprenticed under Dr. Robert Green N.D. and Dr. Gary Shima M.D.
She assists her husband with his yoga classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings Internationally.
A big advocate for children she has volunteered doing SEVA (selfless service) in orphanages around the world for the past 25 years, teaching yoga and meditation apart from other intensive hands-on labor.
Vaishnavi began teaching in 1999 with children’s yoga, including meditation and basic pranayama in 7 different schools for a program called “Tobacco Free Youth Foundation” which empowered distressed kids.
She is the principal teacher for the courses of The Celestial 9 which include Quantum Transmissions level 1 and level 2, the Woman’s Meditation- Ruby Adonai, the couple’s Mediation-Unity, Divine Intuition Meditation and an expansive meditation named The Process.
Vaishnavi is the “Receiver” (conduit) of all the information (downloads) coming from The Celestial 9 through Matias’s body, as he is the “Channel”. She has been given the Quantum Transmissions and the meditations directly from Raphael and Anabel
Vaishnavi and Matias have been awarded with the honor of sharing this incredible information from The Celestial 9.
She and Matias have been given the mission directly from The Celestial 9 to share several methods of healing that help humans to awaken from “The Dream”, including Planting The Seeds of Light into the workshop participants. These treatments are designed to reactivate the Recipient’s DNA and RNA to return to the original form of 13 strands, in order to accelerate the spiritual evolution of human beings on Planet Earth.
Vaishnavi has the capacity to create a safe and sacred space where she “holds Space” for others to release old unwanted emotions, to “reprogram” and heal. She has a deep knowledge of energy and a passion to share the light and help others to transcend and shine.
She has her home base in Costa Rica with her husband Matias. They have traveled the world instructing yoga and sharing the teachings of The Celestial 9.
Quantum Transmissions has been taught in Colombia, Costa Rica and the U.S., and will continue to be shared in Europe as well. These workshops are taught in English with immediate translation if necessary.
Vaishnavi has a kind and a clear approach to teaching and is generous with her time and love.

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