COMING SOON: Book-Road Map for The Final Journey

Currently we are Channeling a book titled “Road Map for The Final Journey” which is a comprehensive and a magical guide to conscious dying.

By reading this book, you will be creating a connection to the higher realms of “the beyond” which is a magical space that arises just behind the veil of existence and is filled with the Love-Light frequency. This connection will flood your soul with pure light codes of freedom. Freedom from the physical body and the misidentification of the Akrat (ego/false sense of self). At the time of exodus these frequencies and codes from the realms of light will guide you tenderly. In this way, you will bypass the predictable hardships of the lower dimensional fields of perception that exist in faraway holographic universes.

This book makes use of eye movements to assist the reader in achieving the goal of ‘awakening’. As you read, your gaze will move in different directions. You will read every sentence first in a standard fashion, from left to right and subsequently from right to left, in a mirror like manner. In this way, the message of enlightenment penetrates deeply within the darkened areas of the mind. Now, the message is able to illuminate and awaken these sections of the brain in a wonderfully ecstatic manner and simultaneously reach the soul with splendorous brilliance.

This way of absorbing information will allow us to soar like an eagle from the tallest peak of being to breathe the purest crystalline air amongst liberating heights. Read and take to the highest flight in the infinite blue sky of your eternal spirit.

What you are about to read in this book, and the manner in which you will read it, will change your life. Be prepared for a 180-degree spin.

This book also takes us within areas of our personalities that we have chosen or preferred to ignore or leave in the darkness. These places that we have refused to see become inoffensive when we shed the light of consciousness upon them. By illuminating them you will purify the three bodies (physical, astral, and causal) this in turn will help you through the transition that the individual consciousness undergoes during the process of dying. Reading will help you to closely analyze those fictitious parts of your identity that you hold yourself to be which in turn predetermines the next holographic landscape you are going to land in. As you move along the lines of this book, you will become capable of recognizing all the false aspects, characteristics, and beliefs that enslave you to your Akrat (ego). And you will learn to reject their claim over you until all that is left is the brilliant purity of your expansive awareness.

You need only read, relax, follow the instructions, awaken and fly free.
For some people reading will be enough, for others, may be not and this is why we have designed several comprehensible meditations that will guide the soul to exit the crown chakra.

By exiting the crown chakra during the process of departure the soul reaches the highest purpose of existence and becomes expansive luminous consciousness.

2. Retreat Center

We have the pleasure to inform you of a new dream that is becoming our reality—a retreat center which we will be operating soon.
Here we will facilitate:
o Spiritual transmissions
o Channeling sessions
o A variety of trainings
o Diverse healing modalities
o Workshops
o Retreats for rejuvenation, spiritual and physical cleansing
o Meditations

3. Death transition guidance

We will be having courses to become a Departure Deva. These are prepared and well-trained individuals that assist people to transition from one realm of consciousness to another, in more traditional terms- the dying process.

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