Sudden Understanding

Sudden Understanding-Recognizing Who You Are Not: The Power of Multi Directional

We strongly believe that this system will deeply penetrate the psyche, modifying and restructuring electromagnetic frequencies within the reader brain, which in turn changes and enlivens the DNA and RNA strands that are currently dormant.
Every word written here will instill radiant light in the cerebral neurons and neurotransmitters, opening intercellular portals. Every sentence that you read in this book and every letter you see, directly seize the energy arranging chromosome combinations in the physical body.
In the astral dimension, these words activate very fine energetic filaments that are attached to DNA strands and coat the meridian channels with crystallized spirals of light. In the causal or spiritual bodies, reading this book will open the gates to the soul, giving it access to new horizons of perception in nine parallel dimensions as well as the possibility of absorbing higher vibration nutrient sources that are streams of living astral liquid light.
This book encloses a new spiritual practice to be performed in two parts: firstly, while reading, and secondly, as life goes on—at work, while walking, exercising, talking, sitting, and so on.
You can experiment and decide for yourself how effective and useful this method is.
This reading experience will be totally different from past reading experiences. Starting on the first page, you will be invited to swim in the depths of your vast self; the reading itself will take you by the hand and show you this other realm of consciousness. It will entice you, both consciously and unconsciously, to fly free.
This book does not require you to sit and practice a plethora of techniques day after day; you just have to simply read and let the message sink deep into the mind and change the substructure of the mind. In this way, the book will softly persuade the mind to live the truth of who you really are. There are, of course, meditation techniques in this book also, which can be practiced in order to understand the expansive self that you are.
The voice of this narrative will address you directly, inviting you deeper into your experience of reading the book. If you are interested in diving at a greater speed, you can play with these techniques by all means. However, you won’t have to become a slave to them; simply practice them to recognize your real self and discard them after you feel that your roots are strong enough to withstand the cyclonic power of the mind.
There is no doubt that this book will speed up spiritual evolution. Its power will keep working in you after you read it. Even if you forget about it a month later, the message here will keep alive, like a planted seed, working within you in mysterious ways.
Reading Sudden Awakening seduces and entices the mind to pay attention to an immense yet subtle infinite reality hidden and living quietly in all of us all day long. This spiritual power will become alive as you read, and it will be present in your life, sometimes subtlety and sometimes intensely. The feeling of luminosity this book will awaken in you will certainly continue optimistically contributing to freeing you from the dictatorial mind and emotions, leaving you in an immense field of blue, pure awareness.
I invite you to do the experiment; there is nothing to lose and much to be gained.
This experimentation intends to propel you forward in your spiritual search at great speed; you will be taking a shortcut. Just read the words on each page and see that enlightenment is possible, and around the corner, for every human being on earth.

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