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Unity Couples Meditation

This is a great system for bringing the feminine and masculine energies together in a loving and balanced manner, establishing a greater heart connection. Allowing the true nature of the Yin and Yang to be experienced, seen and honored in the relationship in order to bring peaceful frequencies to help heal the Planet and restore…
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The Process meditation

This is an amazing meditation which makes us aware of our contractions and our expansive nature simultaneously. Helping us to identify any negative energies or energetic knots within the physical body that keep us from connecting to our true elevated nature and from flowing in harmony with “what is”. This process assists us to connect…
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Seeds of Light Implants

Three luminous seeds of light will be implanted in three distinct powerful vortexes in the astral and causal bodies. This will be done by The Celestial 9 through Vaishnavi Chelsea and Matias, and with the use of a divine quartz crystal. During the workshop there is a process of cleansing and tonifying before the implants…
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Ruby Adonai Woman’s

An extraordinary meditation motivated by the urgency to restore balance to Mother Earth and the human race by awakening the divine feminine. Reconnecting the empowered human female with Gaia and the cosmos, making her body a channel of light that transmits and receives all at once in order to restore perfect equilibrium on the Planet…
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