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Treatments Kirlian Photos of the implanting of The Seeds of Light and Quantum Transmission level 1 treatment The Celestial 9 transmitting the Quantum Transmissions treatments and planting the Seeds of Light through Vaishnavi Chelsea to Gabriela Campos June 2nd, 2017 Heredia Costa Rica Photo 1- This is the Recipients normal state of being before any…
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Photographic Mystical Anomalies

During the transmissions there was no presence of any kind of smoke from incenses, since there was a person with allergies in this program. See the light coming out from the channeler’s back, it is even illuminating the chair The windows are in the front of the room only There is a strange light formation…
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Channeling and Chakras

You can see on the photo down below that the Channel who usually has a yellow aura begins to relax, here you can see the pink energy of the Seraphim Anabel caressing softly his left side. As the channelling continues the aura becomes bigger and the third eye expands. As Anabell begins to enter the…
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Channeling Session Under the Microscope Matias his aura is essentially Yalow with strikes of oranges. As he begins to channel you can observe a white light descending and opening his aura from above. As the process continues the light reaches even further and touches his head producing some shivering sensation in Matias his body. His…
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