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Channeling sessions

Watch our channeling sessions in you tube explore our you tube channel there is a lot of valuable information here
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COMING SOON: Book-Road Map for The Final Journey

Currently we are Channeling a book titled “Road Map for The Final Journey” which is a comprehensive and a magical guide to conscious dying. By reading this book, you will be creating a connection to the higher realms of “the beyond” which is a magical space that arises just behind the veil of existence and…
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Downloads From the Nine

Recognize your higher self effortlessly. This is a book that speeds up the reader’s spiritual evolution.The reading itself plunges the reader in to an ocean of crystalline light.Read and awaken.Matias Flury through Surya Trataka (concentration in the center of the sun), along with extended fasts, deep meditation and Kechari Mudra, (technique of internal alchemy) opened…
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