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Image: He has strong blue sapphire energy coming out of his hands. This energy moves like water if it were in space without gravity. He has white light coming out of his eyes. Colors:  Blue, strong sapphire blue. Stones: Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli. Qualities:  Prosperity, wisdom and understanding. Character: Paternal, serious, kind, wise.
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Image: Long flowing dress, long wavy golden hair, sweet beautiful face, large powerful eyes with a soft gaze, small nose. Colors: Pinks, golden, white. Stones: Pink Rose quartz. Qualities: Opens the heart, softens the heart. Character: Sweet, tender, patient, kind, profound, powerful, loving.
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Image: Forest goddess, green vines and roots, her free flowing abundant hair is full of soft leaves and yellow flowers, flowing natural robes. Colors: Yellows. Stones: Yellow sapphire, citrine. Qualities: She is the connection between Nature & Plant Spirits, and growing herbs for healing. She is also for Prosperity. Character: Sweet, kind, loving, wise, joyous,…
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