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Road Map For The Final Journey

-COMING SOON! Currently we are Channeling a book titled “Road Map for The Final Journey” which is a comprehensive and a magical guide to conscious dying. By reading this book, you will be creating a connection to the higher realms of “the beyond” which is a magical space that arises just behind the veil of…
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Transmisiones de los Nueve

Transmisiones de los nueve: Despierte mientras lee (Spanish Edition) Este libro fue ideado para acelerar el desarrollo espiritual de las personas que aspiren al cambio y lean con esmero, mientras se van dando las transformaciones geomagnéticas y universales propias de estos tiempos. La transición ya dio inicio. Buy Book click
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The Adendum Asana Series

The Secret Power of Yoga Adityam Adendum: Asana Series (Volume 3) You are now about to start reading a book about sadhana (spiritual practice). It is the beginning of an interesting adventure with both yourself and the valuable information contained herein. This book has two sections that were divided with the purpose of being small…
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Volume III: The Practice

Volume III: The Practice- The Secret Power of Yoga Adityam Yoga Adityam was born out of the necessity of spiritualizing yoga in the West. This new system evolved through many years of yoga practice and spiritual experiments. During my long period of study and exploration, I received instructions from accomplished yogis and siddhas, both in…
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